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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Sweetest Doll on the Market!

Every year I do a most-thorough search! It takes me weeks of research. I look at every website, in every specialty toy store . . . everywhere.

What am I looking for? The perfect doll, of course. A sweet, innocent, non-Barbie that a little girl can snuggle and sleep with and dress and rock to sleep and be a mother to. A soft-bodied dolly—not with a hard face. Amazingly, there are not that many dolls that fit those specifications. But I found just what I was on the hunt for!

May I present to you the sweetest doll on the market! She is 18" tall, which means she'll fit easily in standard doll clothes. She is super-easy to dress—a very important factor when you are considering happy play for your little one. She wears an easy to remove top and jumper that use velcro closings. She is snuggly and soft as can be, which is crucial if you are going to take her to bed. Her hair is thick and soft. And she radiates sweetness!

Lovely little details make her adorable, such as a charming little button nose, embroidered eyes and lips, bows in her hair, embroidered needlework on her jumper. Another detail that I always look for and appreciate is that she is wearing permanent undies, with a flower on the front of them. A nice touch! And she wears removable Mary Jane shoes—now that is very important to a girl!

And she comes in 4 different hair and skin tones so every little miss in your family can be delighted! Choose from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and Dark. The dark doll has the cutest curly hair and dark tan skin tone.

Gotta love her!

See the sweetest doll here!

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