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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandbabies . . . yum!

Love kids?

I have discovered a much easier way to get them than pregnancy, labor, childbirth and night feedings. It is called "grandbabies"! And here are mine: Rebekah (5), Abigail (3), Rachel (1) Isaac (7 months) and Christian (2 months). Aren't they yummy!?

Isaac (7 months) and Christian (2 months) are almost the same size, since Christian got a running start—he was 12 lb. 9 oz. when he was born! Oh my gosh. Here's my two little grandboys:

Christian may be the heavyweight, but Isaac definitely has the upper hand, and thinks it is funny too! Adorable, huh!? I'm so blessed that my kids give my grandkids good names!

Well, just thought I'd share one of the joys of my life tonight.


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  • At November 23, 2008 at 7:47 PM , Blogger Birdie said...

    They are precious!

  • At November 25, 2008 at 8:26 AM , Blogger AJ said...

    Please tell me which of your children are parents to Rachel, Christian and Isaac.
    We were referred to your company by friends 5-7 yrs ago and from the first catalog, I have enjoyed seeing your children grow. We have been out of the 'loop' for a couple of years and while I love the emails and your blog, I see going back to older posts will not help me figure it out. Though I am a stranger, I love your company and your family pictures. I would love to get the family connections.
    By the way, I have enjoyed the helpfulness of your staff by phone when I have had questions. Thank you. p.s.loved your San Diego presentation several years ago. Do you still do things like that?

  • At December 7, 2008 at 12:21 AM , Blogger Diane Hopkins said...

    My first son, Daniel, married Melissa and they have 3 children: Rebekah, Abigail and Isaac. My second son, Nathan, married Melanie and they have Rachel Lily and Christian. Mark, Julianna are on their own, and still single. Emily, Ammon and Louisa are at home still.

    Yes, I remember the San Diego homeschool seminar. That was fun! I haven't done anything like that for awhile. Hard to be a focused homeschool mommy and do a lot of speaking engagements, so I pretty much stopped that. I love to write and am hoping to be able to encourage other moms in that way.

    Thanks for reading/writing me!


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