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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Evoultion: Are You Still Wondering?

Bless my friend Sarah for introducing me to the DVD that finally answered my questions about evolution! How I wish I'd had this sure knowledge when my children were growing up so I could have passed on firmness of conviction, instead of a hazy uncertainty on the important subject of "where did we come from?".

In my heart, I know that we have a loving Father in Heaven, and that our earth life is a carefully orchestrated test of our character. But I went to public school myself, and my science classes were 100% pro-evolution. We learned Darwin's theory as scientific fact and regurgitated this info for tests, and followed the latest discoveries in the missing link of monkey to man. College only increased my confusion, because my science classes were teaching evolution as total fact, while my testimony of Jesus Christ was blazing bright.

So I had to leave the question of evolution unresolved, unfortunately. Very unfortunately, because that uncertainty cannot be hidden from homeschooling children, who watch your every innuendo and know your heart. I avoided teaching them about dinosaurs, still uneasy with the idea of a primeval word where man was being mutated, ever so gradually through natural selection, from an animal into a human. I believed the scriptural account of creation and I knew I couldn't answer my children's questions about dinosaurs and man's orgin on this earth with conviction in the face of Darwin's theory. I feared damaging their delicate faith.

I am so very grateful to finally have the evolution theory completely put to rest in my heart. Thanks to the advances of molecular biology, and the ability to create amazingly powerful microscopes, scientists can now see into the cell and have discovered what we should have known all along: that Darwin's theory is too simplistic, too flawed to pose any threat to the belief in an Intelligent Being, a God who orchestrated all creation in intense intricacy, even down to the molecular level!

Do yourself a favor and remove from your heart the public school teachings which question faith in God via the theory of evolution. This DVD is scientifically accurate, well-presented, interesting to watch, and amazingly freeing . . . if you have been a captive to doubt. Watch it with your husband on date night, let your college-age kids or friends watch it, show your school-age kids little segments to help them understand bit by bit. It is faith-building and thrilling to see through scientific discovery that we are God's design, right down to the very smallest unit of life!

See the Unlocking the Mysteries of Life DVD here.

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  • At March 12, 2010 at 2:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am Christian and I believe God created us but that the 7 days in the Bible is representative of the long time it took just like many other numbers in the Bible. What does the DVD teach? It is clear in science that there is a God but we can't ignore that it was millions of years between dinosaurs and humans and that they did exist. Only a wonderful God could create the Earth as it is and creation can go hand in hand with evolution.

  • At March 12, 2010 at 4:27 PM , Blogger Diane Hopkins said...

    The DVD does not teach anything about the age of the earth. The whole focus is on the discoveries made via advanced microscope regarding the cell, and the informational instructional contained in DNA that build advanced, complex structures even in one-celled creatures. These are the works of Intelligent Design, and they discuss the methods that scientists use to determine what is designed by an Intelligent Being and what could be randomly created by natural selection.

    Because these structures and the instructions are so complex, they cannot be created by an accidental process of natural selection--and they present the reasons why.

    Anyway, the DVD is intriguing, scientific and really brings to light newly discovered information that has been published in scientific journals that the public is not very aware of perhaps, that has caused a lot of stir amongst scientists and many are re-thinking evolution, and feeling deceived by the higher education institutions that they received degrees from--that taught evolution as fact, when it is really becoming an outdated theory, in light of new discoveries.

    An amazing DVD! I think you will really enjoy it!


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