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Thursday, July 30, 2009

You're in a Pickle

"You're in a pickle. Just say sorry and get out of it!"

This little line still makes us laugh! Louisa was still relatively young when she first piped up with it in a moment of tension. Whenever I asked a family member a question, and they hmm'ed and hah'ed and made an excuse, she would quip: "You're in a pickle. Just say sorry and get out of it!" And right she was! Excuses are just that, excuses . . . not the answer that mother needs.

It's amusing how we try to save face. Pride must be our reason, but it is refreshing to hear honest answers instead. I would always rather hear a plain, "No, I didn't do it yet. I'm sorry" than a cover story about why not and whose fault it was and more.

To take the blame—when the blame is rightly yours—is a noble thing to do. No alibi, no explanation, just a pure and simple admission that something went wrong and the fault was yours. That person has integrity and I admire that!

I'm thankful for a child's crystal clear perception of the situation. Whenever anyone in our family starts to weave an excuse, someone says with a chuckle: "You're in a pickle. Just say sorry and get out of it!" It is so refreshing to stop trying to save face.

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  • At July 31, 2009 at 9:41 AM , Blogger Melody said...

    Oh, Diane,
    Thanks so much for this Pickle line today. This was an exact confirmation of the root issue (pride) that's going on in our home between 2 very grown, big persons who should know better by now! I wouldn't mention any names!

    I think I'll serve cucumbers for dinner tonight!


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