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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Striving for Balance

Ammon, Emily and Louisa balance at the top of the mountain

I've always found it amazing how we humans can adapt. Human beings are found living in every climate around the globe, from deserts tents to igloos. We are great at adjusting to whatever conditions we find ourselves in. Which is both a blessing and a cursing.

The blessing is that we can adjust to things that are difficult—losing sleep every night while caring for a newborn, surviving death of a loved one, eating beans and oatmeal when times are tough financially. . . The cursing is that we get out of balance so dang fast! It seems I can lose my bearings balance-wise is a matter of a few days of holiday partying or working too hard.

God knows our natures perfectly, and I am really glad that He divided time into nice units for us! There is a week that ends in a day of rest. If we will actually take that rest, and honor the Sabbath, it is so renewing and refreshing. There is day and night. I know I'd just keep going if I wasn't forced to acknowledge nighttime and go to sleep! And I admit I push up against that, resist it, staying up later than I should. I wonder why we humans yearn to prolong daytime, to get "more done". I like the scripture verse that says, "Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof" (Matthew 6:34). We deal with enough trouble in one day. You think we'd welcome sleep!

I think we all handle problems better in the morning sunlight than late at night, when it is dark. The repeated urging in the scriptures to "search, ponder and pray" is such a prescription for balance. Every night's sleep resets our viewpoint, and sorts out things for us. Each day we are asked to get the Lord's perspective in our minds again. To keep us in balance, no doubt. And to help us remember what is important, and what we are on earth for—how to live. Such a wise Father.

Balance! What a worthy goal!

Trying not to fall off the mountain (that's me!)

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