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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Secret Service Star

The Service Star appeared quietly on Louisa's bed this morning.

One of the things I like best of all about Christmas time is our family tradition of the "Secret Service Star". On the first day of December, our star suddenly appears at the scene of some unseen kindness. Each family member knows that whoever receives an act of service has just 24 hours to turn it around and render some service to someone within the family. Day by day, all through December, that star pops up in the most unusual places: in a laundry basket full of folded towels, or on a freshly-made bed, in a clean-scrubbed sink, on a packed lunch, or in the loaded dishwasher. The big deal is not to get caught by anyone! (That spoils the fun.) So there are stealthy footsteps hurrying to get a job done while someone else is in the shower, and little unexpected niceness smooths your way frequently!

There's a special magic about secret service. When there is no chance of being thanked, acknowledged or praised, our efforts seem more holy. They spread a lingering goodwill in which every family member suspects everyone else of kindness! No one will admit to what they did, and everyone strives to keep utmost secrecy, so there is an element of adventure to it all. I love to see my kids working to bless each other and look out for each other, to anticipate each other's needs!

If you really want to feel the Spirit of Christmas in your home, try the Service Star!

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